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Meeting Escorts In Singapore – Is It Legal? Here’s The Truth

A lot of first time visitors to Singapore, and perhaps even rich local Singaporean men want to engage a social escort. However, some are worried whether engaging an escort is legal in Singapore or not. Singapore has strict laws, so you do not want to step on the wrong side of the law.

Introduction. Meeting escorts in Singapore is a legal activity and perfectly fine

First of all, one of the most common reasons why many people have misunderstandings or misconceptions about escorts is because of false information propagating around the Internet. It is not illegal to meet a social escort, or even a sugar baby for that matter in Singapore. However, there are things that can be illegal.

To illustrate using another simple example, it is legal to purchase cigarette in Singapore if the purchaser is 19 years old and above on the date he or she purchases cigarette. It will be raised further till age 21 over a few years but as of the date of this writing, it is age 19. However, if the purchaser does things such as smoking under sheltered areas in Singapore or resells/passes the cigarette to a minor, then those activities are illegal. Similarly, it is perfectly legal to meet a social escort in Singapore. However, some things can be illegal. Therefore, before you approach an escort agency in Singapore, make sure to read this post or you may get refused service, or worse still, engage a dodgy agency or independent scamming you.

1. There are differences between social escorts, prostitutes and massage providers in Singapore

You may want to note that there are legal differences between social escorts, prostitutes and massage providers in Singapore. In some countries, the lines may be blurred, but not in Singapore.

Massage providers

Massage providers must have a permit licensed to them by the Singapore Police Force. Without which, they are operating illegally. Massage providers in Singapore are only allowed to provide massages of all kinds as long as it is in a non-sexual manner.


Prostitutes are basically girls who sell or solicit sexual services for themselves. When it comes to prostitutes, it is said that there are some legal brothels along the red light districts of Singapore such as Geylang and Keong Saik Road. However, as there is no public information on this matter, proceed with caution, and I certainly hope that you do not contact these low class locations in Singapore. If you must visit a prostitute in Singapore, then go elsewhere on the Internet to perhaps find out more information about this. While prostitution is not illegal in Singapore, a lot of activities such as maintenance of a brothel or public solicitation is illegal, and that can happen a fair bit in certain red light districts. As those are illegal activities in Singapore, the Singapore Police Force does raids once in a while. If you get busted, they may not catch you, as you are not the service provider, but you may still be questioned.

Social escorts

Social escorts are basically pretend girlfriends. They are girlfriends for hire. They do not require a permit, however, agencies do need to be registered with the local Singapore government and follow local laws to be allowed to operate legally in Singapore. There are only a handful of legal agencies in Singapore. Imagine social escorts as a ‘guaranteed’ girlfriend. Instead of swiping right to every girl on Tinder while you are in Singapore, hoping for a single girl to even match with you, you can get a guaranteed pretty girl to pretend to be your girlfriend for a few hours when you engage social escort services by a legitimate agency.

If you are worried about escorts using fake photos, here are tips to help you more or less know if a social escort is sharing with you genuine real photos of herself.

2. Only escorts who are Singaporean citizens or permanent residents are legally allowed to work as social escorts in Singapore

Third of all, Singapore has strict laws on immigration and manpower labour laws. Only Singaporean citizens or permanent residents are allowed to work as social escorts in Singapore legally. Singapore government does not issue work permits for foreigners to work as escorts in Singapore.

If the escort is of a foreign ethnicity such as Russian escorts, but are local Singapore citizens, then they are perfectly safe to meet too.

Most foreign social escorts in Singapore are actually tourists to Singapore, and moonlight as a social escort in Singapore. Some may be even on a legal work permit, but for a completely different work scope.

When it comes to independents or unethical agencies, they may engage foreigners. If that foreign girl in Singapore is caught, you may be questioned by the police too. You may not be caught if you use the services of a foreigner in Singapore, but unless you want a potential coffee session with the local Singapore Police Force as they question you more about the service provider, avoid them at all costs.

3. Girls who work in any kind of legal adult industry in Singapore – hostess, social escorts, bar girls, e.t.c. must be aged 18 or above

If you engage the services of a minor, you will be in deep trouble in Singapore. The safest way to simply avoid this is to only engage social escorts from registered agencies in Singapore. Registered agencies in Singapore usually have no qualms providing their registration details on their website or tell you if you ask them. A proper agency will do their due diligence and only hire girls aged 18 or above and have the right work eligibility in Singapore.

Also, this is one of the key reasons why I also do not recommend that you contact independent escorts in Singapore. Independents have higher incentives than any other to lie, because they can’t make any money otherwise if you do not engage them.

4. Do not solicit prostitution in Singapore

Are you wondering if prostitution is legal in Singapore? Then read this. Soliciting prostitution or sexual services via a device such as a phone can also be considered as public solicitation of prostitution in Singapore. While prostitution itself is not illegal, soliciting is. So do not fall afoul of the laws in Singapore by going to escort websites or sugar dating websites and start soliciting. That is strictly illegal in Singapore. Legal agencies and sugar dating websites are strictly only allowed to arrange for companionship and nothing more in Singapore. Anything more is falling afoul of the local Singapore laws.

So do not stupidly approach escort agencies or use sugar dating websites to solicit prostitution. You may either get refused service or blocked. A lot of agencies get asked inappropriate questions, so do not lump yourself into that group of people if you want service. Just ask for meeting the right girl at the location and time and anything can be discussed with the girl directly. However, take note that the ‘anything’ mentioned above is still subject to Singapore’s laws, and not literally anything that you want. Read Singapore’s laws in full or do more research online yourself if you want to find out more. There is supposedly also registered brothels in Singapore, but information surrounding this are shrouded in mystery, and possibly only known with certainty by the police force and vice officers who are in charge of regulating the legal prostitution and registered brothels in Singapore.


Tick the following boxes, all of which has been elaborated on above, to make sure that your social escort services experience in Singapore will be a smooth and great one!

  • Know the differences between social escorts, prostitutes and massage providers in Singapore
  • Only engage a Singaporean social escort or one who is a permanent resident – can be easily done through agencies
  • Only engage girls aged 18 and above
  • Do not solicit prostitution in Singapore

Keep in mind that the above is not advice written by a lawyer nor constitutes a lawyer-client relationship. It is simply advice and you are to do your own due diligence.