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Being An Escort May Change Your Life (In A Unique Way)

When one mentions about social escorts in Singapore, all kinds of imagery happens in people’s minds.

The reality is that it is perfectly legal to be a social escort, either as an independent or working with an agency.

However, there is no  doubt that being a female escort before in Singapore will definitely change your life. There is no changes for the worse, but there are also no changes for the better. Better or for worse is all subjective as it depends on the agency you work with, how you market yourself and what you prioritize.

Nonetheless, if you are working to be an escort in Singapore, make sure to apply only with reputable and registered SG agencies i.e. SG VIP Escorts or follow Singapore’s laws when it comes to marketing yourself as an independent. Both are fine, just make sure to do it right.

If you are ready to be an escort, then read on. Here are some ways in which being an escort can change your life.

  1. You may treasure different things in a relationship in future. Many girls may treasure material possessions when it comes to judging a potential boyfriend or husband. However, some escorts change their mind and feel that loyalty in a man is far more important. Whereas, there are other girls who have become more materialistic. There are no right or wrong changes, it is just a personal outlook.
  2. You will likely be able to enjoy some luxurious before any of your similar aged friends can ever hope to achieve. If you work hard as an escort, you can potentially buy the famed Hermes Birkin bag or even more luxurious items even in your 20s. Being able to achieve and be so successful at a young age sometimes sets up your mind for future financial success beyond what your peers are capable of. This is because your mind now believes that there is unlimited money and unlimited actions you can take to achieve them now. This is a profound financial mindset change you will gain.
  3. You may need to lead a second life. Some escorts are very privacy conscious. Some are not privacy conscious. If you are privacy conscious, you may need to make lots of excuses as to where you suddenly whisk off to. If you are not so privacy conscious, then it does not matter.

If you want to find out more about how being a social escort in Singapore can potentially change your life, then watch the following video.

It is also important for you to do your own research and think through yourself before being a social escort in Singapore!